British Drum Company. Lounge Club 20 3-Piece Drum Set Windermere Pearl

-94% British Drum Company. Lounge Club 20 3-Piece Drum Set Windermere Pearl


British Drum Co. Lounge Club 20, 3-Piece shell pack in Windermere Pearl; made from a great combination of Birch and Mahogany, this 3-piece shell pack has fantastic tonal characteristics.

3-Piece Shell Pack

The British Drum Co. have a long lineage of producing fantastic drum kits and equipment.

Being favoured by Kasabian drummer Ian Matthews and regarded as the finest shells when reviewed by Geoff Nichols of Rhythm Magazine, British Drum Co. bring their incredible style and drum making knowhow to the incredible Lounge Series 3-piece shell packs.

Lounge Club Series Drum Shells

With a full-bodied and vibrant tone thanks to the perfect blend of mahogany and birch in the shells, the incredible sound is further enhanced by a rounder over 30 degree bearing edge.

Completing the vintage feel and style, as with all their Lounge series shells, these drums are fitted with new Palladium lugs, inspired by the Art-Deco period, and are centre mounted on the shell.

Following with BDC’s tradition; this kit s then beautifully finished with their trademark Mahogany and Birch bass drum hoops which are produced from the same Mahogany and Birch used in the Lounge and Legend Series drums.

Drum Shells Hand-Made in Cheshire

Lovingly hand made in the British Drum Co.’s Cheshire workshop by a team of their most skilled craftsmen, the Lounge Club Series shells have a thin 5.5mm Mahogany and Birch shell made from grade A timber.

The clean sounding tonal characteristics from the birch is complemented with the darker, warm tones of the Mahogany for a full-bodied yet clean tone giving the Lounge Series a distinctive voice that makes it stand out from other shells on the market.

The Lounge shell’s bearing edge also plays an integral role in the sound of the drum. With its 40 degree round over bearing edge, the shell has more head contact and so provides more body in the overall sound. This edge cut can be found across the entire Lounge series, ensuring fantastic unity and balance across the drum range.

Cold Press Moulding

Key to the British Drum Company’s signature sound is the cold press moulding process. The timber and shells used in these packs are left to naturally acclimatise to the surrounding environment both before and after being moulded so they are shaped perfectly.

With years of experience in wood working and drum shell manufacturing, the British Drum Co. cite this method as the secret ingredient to their incredible sound.

With the absence of heat during the pressing and moulding process, it makes for an incredibly stable drum shell.

Consisting of a 20” x 14” bass drum, a 14” x 14” floor tom and 12” x 8” rack tom, this 3-piece shell kit has been carefully produced to ensure the perfect voice, style and feel for your kit.

British Drum Co. Lounge Series 20, 3-Piece Shell Pack Details:

  • Shell Wood: Mahogany and Birch
  • Finish: Windermere Pearl
  • Bass Drum: 20” x 14”
  • Floor Tom: 14” x 14”
  • Rack Tom: 12” x 8”
  • Hardware: Full-Length Palladium


Bass Drum Size20" x 14"
Floor Tom Size14" x 14"
Rack Tom Size12" x 8"
Shell Count3 piece kit
Shell Materialbirch / mahogany

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