British Drum Company. Imp Portable 3-Piece Drum Set Kensington Knight

British Drum Company. Imp Portable 3-Piece Drum Set Kensington Knight


British Drum Co. Imp; a professional portable 3-piece drum set, seen here in a sleek Kensington Knight finish.

Powerful and Portable Drum Kit

While it may be small in stature, the Imp drum shell pack is certainly punching above its weight and wow, what a punch it packs!

Precise Drum Shell Design

When the British Drum Company began designing the Imp shell pack, they decided to create a shell that was small in diameter and depth but still gave a warm, deep tone with a bigger sound you’d expect from these size drums.

Unlike most portable drum kits, for the Imp, the British Drum Co made the bass drum 16” x 10”, keeping the same proportions of a larger bass drum.

With a vertical grain maple core and a 30 degree round over bearing edge with proportionally sized drums, you get a great, powerful sound that defies the small size.

Cold Press Moulding

Key to the British Drum Company’s signature sound is the cold press moulding process. The timber and shells used in these packs are left to naturally acclimatise to the surrounding environment both before and after being moulded so they are shaped perfectly.

With years of experience in wood working and drum shell manufacturing, the British Drum Co. cite this method as the secret ingredient to their incredible sound.

With the absence of heat during the pressing and moulding process, it makes for an incredibly stable drum shell.

This professional, portable drum shell pack consists of a 16 x 10 bass drum, a 13 x 10 floor tom and a 10 x 6 rack tom.

A vertical grain maple core with an inner and outer ply finished in the extremely popular Kensington Knight, black finish, the British Drum Co. Imp is extremely portable and can be packed away into one case for easy transportation.

British Drum Co. Imp Professional Portable Drum Set Details:

  • Shell Wood: Maple
  • Finish: Kensington Knight
  • Bass Drum: 16” x 10”
  • Floor Tom: 13” x 10”
  • Rack Tom: 10” x 6”
  • Hardware: Palladium



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